2020 Showreal

A selection of my best work done over 2020 :)


Animated Music Video commissioned by the LA-based band Yeti Tactics and their UK-based label Pet Shop Records. Storyboarding, art direction, character and set designs, and animation were all handled solely by myself. While the brief asked for the video to be set around an idyllic Californian beach, I took inspiration from the song’s psychedelic lyrics to inform the narrative structure, as well as the bold, but restricted colour palette, based on the colours of a beach sunset (with psychedelic emphasis!). Finally, I wanted to combine my love of motion animation and cel in this video, often in the same shot, which I felt did justice to the song’s nature, combining modern musical styles with nods also to more nostalgic 80s genres.


Youngblood Hawke - Find a Way.

DIM SUM Animated EP Release Teaser:

Animation signifying a musical collaboration across Berlin, London and Leeds. My first forays into 3d!


Music Visualiser for Darius the Barbarian.

Quaranvino Wine Tastings:

Fun Corporate Explainer Video for Quaranvino Wine Events.

Radge Packets. [explicit]

Dance Now Cry Later

Visualiser for   ‘Dance Now Cry Later’ by Haider   on Aus Records.

Northern Monk Brewery: Explainer Animation

Animation of an existing can design with additional 'explainer' style graphics for Northern Monk Brewery's new green initiative.


Intro for 'Ultra Comfort' Video Podcast Series with Jango Flash.

Street Scene

'Street Scene Asset from 'Only Fools...' Short Film.'


C Ronaldo Animation for Bleacher Report Football. Voiced by me.

Muscleman - LOCKDOON

Character animation of a geordie #lad in lockdown. Voiced by me.

Clothing Ad for Belly Club

Advertisement for my clothing brand  Belly Club.

Specs Gonzales Lockdown Lessons:

Instagram advert from Specs Gonzales.

Music Video: Fresh Mess - As It Was

3D podcast

Cut Scene Animation for ‘The Three Drinkers’:

One of fourteen cut scene animations for the Amazon Prime show 'The Three Drinkers Do Scotch Whisky'.

We Out Here Festival


comedy short for Bleacher Report Football.


Stat-focused animations for FantasyBet analysis video.

Riot Girl Teaser animation, comic book style:

A commission that fell through for a song release teaser. Song in question had many political undertones.

WORTH WAITING FOR - Christmas Ad 2018:

My take on a soppy John Lewis Chritmas ad for The Fizz Company. All visual assets were made by myself including an original music score.

Music Video for Submit Records

Facebook Event Video

Music Visualiser Animation for Thom Parris - ‘Malcolm’

Music Visualiser Animation for Thom Parris - ‘Oak Tones’

Freaky Egg Man:

Just Messing Around.

Mudd Show

Overlay animation for Berlin Streaming company The Mudd Show.

Mr Nips

Off The Cuff:

Facebook Banner Video.

Dancer Animation:

Commissioned by an event company in Manchester.

Logo Animation: Moon Coral

Animated logo for Moon Coral events and podcast company in London.

Egyptian Lover gif:

Detail from an animated poster.

Fourth Drinker:

Logo variation for extra segment of Three Drinkers Productions.


IG visualiser for track release, produced by Drippy Recordings.


Explainer animation for Wine Rascals importer and supplier


Product animation for Coravin wine pourer, produced by Three Drinkers Podcast

Why buy:

Promotional animation highlighting USPs of The Wine Rascals.


Animated 'm' for '36 Days of Type' IG competition - coinciding with Corona news!


Explainer video for The Wine Rascals. Silver award winner for Born Digital's 'Best Visual Storytelling' category.